Neelam Chandwani
Design Specialist


Design Specialist


About Me

I am Neelam Chandwani, Fashion Design Professional actively looking for exciting opportunities.

I strongly adhere to the idea that the clothes are an extension of our selves and reflect our distinct personas. As a designer my focus is to make the consumer focussed, cost-effective product. I am capable of reviewing, evaluating, updating and assisting in the decision making process that leads to product innovation and performance.

Skill set includes Knitwear Specialization,Fitting, Range Architecture, Product Development,etc.

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- "Best Selling Category"-
Menswear Cut&Sew and Sweater, ITC Ltd
- Sanyo Scholarship Contest-
Technical design, 2012.
- “John Wind award"-
Accessories and Styling” , Final thesis at Drexel, 2014.


- Emerging Fashion Designers-
Vol.5 (Nov.’15, Schiffer Publications).
- ASI Central newsletter 'Wearables'
(Oct.’14, Online and Print editions).
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